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Chicago Blackhawks At St. Louis Blues: Blackhawks Take A 3-2 Lead

The intensity of the first period has dissipated, at least on the Blues’ part. Open net chances against the Blackhawks’ goaltender Ray Emery, being far out shot 14-9 in the period, turnovers, you name it. Frustration has taken the place of intensity, with the Blues and the Hawks mixing it up and David Backes being squarely in the middle of both big skirmishes. First it was the beginnings of a fight with Jonathan Toews and at the end of the second period a rough-up with Dave Bolland which got both of them two minutes off of the ice.

Three third period goals from Toews, Hossa, and Sharp should give coach Ken Hitchcock cause to raise holy hell in the locker room — especially as Hossa’s goal was shorthanded and Sharp’s was a power play goal. The Blues need to take advantage of who is between the pipes for Chicago. Emery has been leaving wide open nets that the Blues can’t get anything inside. Thankfully Chris Stewart figured him out by going high here:

A few more of those, along with the intensity that fans saw in the first period, should get the Blues back on track. Frustration and letting the Hawks get under your skin — the Blues start the 3rd on the penalty kill because of a T.J. Oshie slash — won’t win you hockey games.