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Nashville Predators At St. Louis Blues: Blues Waste Two Power Play Chances; Score Still Tied 1-1

The Blues power play appears to be back on track, if back on track means back to how it was before the last two games. Following up two games in which they scored two power play goals in each, the Blues are 0-for-3 tonight. Granted, yes, it has improved their shots on goal totals (the Blues are now leading in that category, 25-24), but you don’t win thanks to SOG. You win when one of those go in.

Patrik Berglund has had several solid looks at the net, but has developed Brad Boyes-itis, missing the net and gripping the stick a bit too tight. When Nashville goaltender Pekka Rinne can’t hold on to his stick (he’s dropped it four times, according to Darren Pang), it’s helpful to notice these things and get some shots on the net.

David Backes again has taken this team by the collar ad is single-handedly trying to win by himself. I follow several Preds bloggers and reporters on Twitter, and so many of them are commenting more on Backes’ play than their own team’s. He’s plowing over the Preds’ rookie defensemen, and while credited with only two shots on goal he’s had more than that go in the general direction of Rinne.

The goaltending duel continues, though Rinne seems more confident in net. As I mentioned earlier on Twitter, a hundred pucks could go in his direction, and when he’s in full zen-mode, he will stop every single one.