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Anaheim Ducks At St. Louis Blues First Period Score: All Tied Up 1-1

Some good give and take this game. Nothing too physical, but having Carlo Colaiacovo back on the ice is being felt. Unfortunately, Kevin Shattenkirk is not out there thanks to a touch of the flu.

The Blues might be leading in shots 11-4, but the game’s tied up. St. Louis’ goal came from Chris Porter, whose presence of mind to stop at the red line instead of skating off around the back of the net left him in prime position to see the uncovered puck an inch behind Jonas Hiller to be scooted into the net.

Unfortunately, just five minutes later, Bobby Ryan was able to net his 10th goal of this season from a pass by Teemu Selanne. Selanne, who apparently has found the fountain of youth, slid the puck from behind the net to a wide open Ryan, who just had to push it past Jaroslav Halak to tie the game up:

Luckily Hiller doesn’t seem to be on his best game tonight. Hopefully the Blues can take advantage of some of these bounces to get this one locked up in the next period.