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Anaheim Ducks At St. Louis Blues Second Period Score: Cole, Oshie Net Goals To Put Blues Up 3-1

A very, very sloppy beginning of a second period where the Blues were finding themselves outshot 5-0 turned around in a hurry. The Blues’ first shot in the period was by defenseman Ian Cole, who is in the game for an ill Kevin Shattenkirk. This happened:

He was in the perfect spot to snag a huge rebound let loose from Jonas Hiller on a Matt D’Agostini shot, and he wristed it past Hiller to put the Blues up 2-1. A little over ten minutes later, T.J. Oshie was able to put a nice wrister on Hiller that found the top of the net. Hiller was out trying to take away the shot, but dropped too quickly. Way to exploit a turn-over, Teej:

The Blues wound up with two goals on just five shots this period. Hopefully that shooting percentage continues through the third.