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NHL Power Rankings: St. Louis Blues Steady At 13

This week's SB Nation NHL Power Rankings featured a ton of movement near the back of the playoff picture for the Western Conference, but unfortunately none of that movement came from the St. Louis Blues—the beleaguered squad remained 13th in SB Nation's latest poll. Only Derek Zona, of the Edmonton Oilers blog The Copper & Blue, gave the Blues a playoff-contention vote, ranking them eighth; perhaps he remembered the Blues' 5-3 losing-streak-ender after their blizzard-delayed return to action. In a vote with a lot of variance—the Anaheim Ducks got votes at 3 and 11—that was the extent of the Blues movement; everyone else picked 13 or 14.


The Blues' victory over the Vancouver Canucks was about as impressive as this team gets, but if they can follow it up with victories—two out of three, maybe—against the Buffalo Sabres on Friday, the Ducks on Saturday, the Chicago Blackhawks on Monday, they might have a shot at returning to contention in the eyes of the all-seeing SBN panel. If they beat the Canucks again that Thursday—well, be still, my beating heart.