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Alex Pietrangelo, Chris Stewart Make Team Canada 2011

The St. Louis Blues' season is over as the NHL playoffs rage on without them, but this isn't the end of hockey for some of the Blues' players—Alex Pietrangelo and Chris Stewart will play for Team Canada at the 2011 IIHF World Men's Championship, taking place this year in Slovakia. Pietrangelo, 21, who had an outstanding full-season debut for the Blues in 2010-2011, has previously been a part of Canada's team at the World Junior Championships; Stewart, 23, will make his first appearance with Team Canada.


The championships will take place from April 29 to May 15, and they should prove to be a welcome additional look at two of the Blues' most exciting young players for the hockey-deprived members of St. Louis Game Time. What's perhaps most exciting about these two players is that the Blues got both of them going this year—Stewart through trade, Pietrangelo through player development. It's good to see results so fast when the rebuilding process begins this abruptly.