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St. Louis Blues Owners: Tom Stillman Continues Ownership Quest

According to a report from Jeremy Rutherford Tom Stillman remains in the St. Louis Blues ownership hunt even after his first bid was turned down by the NHL and erstwhile owner and figurehead Dave Checketts. Stillman, a beer distributor who owned 10 percent of the team under the previous ownership structure, made something of a low-ball bid to acquire the team this past month.

Also in the ostensible ownership group: St. Louis Cardinals team president Bill DeWitt III.

Given the St. Louis Rams' recent ownership adventures, which began with an unknown auto-parts magnate and ended with a minority owner who was once on the board of a group related to encouraging the NFL's return to Los Angeles, it's reasonable to expect something less than an uncomplicated transfer of power from the private-equity group that owned the Blues and whichever local bigwig decides to save them this time.

Stillman seems relatively normal now, but it's only a matter of time before we learn that his real plan is to knock down the EdwardJones Dome and build another domed football stadium on the site, just to frustrate Rams fans into giving hockey a try.