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NHL Draft 2011: St. Louis Blues Have Three Second-Round Picks To Spread Around

When they ended up with the 11th overall pick instead of the 10th in the 2011 NHL Draft the St. Louis Blues lost their first-round pick—risked in the trade that brought Chris Stewart to St. Louis and sent former second-overall pick Erik Johsnon packing—but they've got three second-round picks to burn through on draft night, one of which came from that same trade. In addition to the Avalanche's 32nd overall pick, the Blues will get their own 41st pick as well as the Buffalo Sabres' 46th pick, from the Brad Boyes trade.

It's hard to predict what the Blues will do with this abundance of second-rounders, but over at St. Louis Game Time they came up with one possibility in a mock draft, trading two picks for the 26th overall pick in the first round and selecting Zack Phillips, who ranked ninth overall on their big board.

The Blues have significant draft depth right now, and one of the things you can do with depth like that is trade up for one big score. It's only a few more days until we see what the Blues will choose to do.