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Blues Get Three More Interested Parties Kicking The Tires

Apparently with the pending sale of the Dallas Stars to Vancouver businessman Tom Gaglardi, the former interested parties have moved on to the other franchise for sale - the St. Louis Blues.

The Blues, who along with the AHL's Peoria Rivermen and the lease on the Scottrade Center, are valued at an estimate $165 million. Matthew Hulsizer, who was the leading candidate to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, was assumed to be the largest interested party in the Blues, along with current minority owner Tom Stillman.

With the increased competition comes the chances for the cost of the team to exceed $190 million, according to TSN. This would be more than the recent price that the Buffalo Sabres fetched when they were purchased by businessman Terry Pegula earlier this year. This would mean a healthy $40 million profit turned on the $150 million that the Blues cost Checketts and his partners initially.

The demand for the team coupled with the team's sell-out streak and smart management should be a wake-up call for some of the commenters on the TSN article. Not every team for sale is going to move. Dallas isn't going anywhere, and neither are the Blues. We've been through this Saskatoon stuff before.

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