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Dave Checketts Gets Loan Extension; Has 60 Days To Sell Team

Looks like the sale of the Blues'll be complete at the start of this season - or maybe a little later - out of necessity. Dave Checketts has been granted an extension on repaying the $120 million loan he has out with Citigroup. He missed the June 30th payment on that loan because of the sale process.

Citygroup has stated that Checketts has 60 days to make the payment required on the loan, or the team will go into default. With as many as five interested buyers in the team, however, chances of that happening seem slim. In contrast to TSN's supposition that the team, the rights to play in Scottrade Center, and the Peoria Rivermen will fetch more than $190, an unnamed source in the New York Post says that he expects the deal to be closer to $140 million.

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