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Dave Checketts Believes Sale Of Blues Will Be Completed By Start Of Season

You have to admit, for any one sale in the NHL that goes down quickly and a bit, shall we say, "off," there're many more that seem to be run properly and calmly. The sale of the Dallas Stars pops into mind, or the sale of the Buffalo Sabres. The Blues' impending sale also can be classified as one of those very transactions. It hasn't been a press hog, and the most it's appeared in the papers has been recently.

There's good reason for that, as Checketts (who will not stay on in any ownership position) and the people interested in purchasing the team have only spoken to the press when it's appropriate. No rumor mongering, no speculation, just a bunch of "hey, this's what we're doing, and this is when we expect to have it done by." No one ownership candidate has come out on top yet, and I suspect that we won't know who the team's new owners are until close to the end of this saga, or the end itself.

The bidding process should begin within the next few weeks, and the Blues'll take it from there. I suspect that Checketts will handle the bidding process the same way as the rest of this situation has played out - quietly, from behind closed doors.

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