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Blues Sign Free-Agent Defenseman Kent Huskins

The Blues are continuing their trend with low risk contracts in signing UFA defenseman Kent Huskins. Late of the San Jose Sharks, the former Stanley Cup (with Anaheim) winner was getting paid to the tune of $1.7 million a year cap hit to be a 6th/7th defenseman. He had two goals and eight assists in 50 games with the Sharks last year.

The Blues fixed the overpayment problem, giving Huskins a one year deal at a million dollars. This allows him to sit when Nikita Nikitin needs ice time, while being a mentor to the younger guys in the room. Not a bad signing, definitely low risk, and the Blues get the kind of defenseman they needed this year.

What - you weren't expecting them to sign Tomas Kaberle, were you?


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