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The Blues Finally Make A Splash; Sign UFAs Jamie Langenbrunner And Jason Arnott

Just when you thought that the Blues were done, or at the very least were going to just keep signing guys for the Peoria Rivermen, General Manager Doug Armstrong goes and schedules a personal reunion of sorts. He's familiar with both Jamie Langenbrunner and Jason Arnott from his time with the Dallas Stars franchise, and obviously he saw something he was impressed with there. Both of these players were signed today by Armstrong.

Langenbrunner at 35 and Arnott at 36 are both going to be utilized as a balancing act for the young forward core. Both still have gas left in the tank. Arnott provides some depth up the middle at center, while Langenbrunner adds some right wing experience. This move now puts the Blues at 13 one-way forwards for next season, limiting the chances of a player like Philip McRae or Brett Sterling coming up unless an injury happens.

Arnott split his time between the New Jersey Devils and the Washington Capitals last season, after four seasons with the Nashville Predators. He scored 17G and 14A last season in 73 games. Those 73 games are the most he's played since 2007-2008's 79. He'll be three seasons removed from his 28G 44A campaign in 2007-2008, but he's always shown that with competent players on his line he'll be good for at least 30 points. If he makes it through the year sans injury, he might be good for a few more.

Langenbrunner was a contentious presence in the New Jersey Devils' locker room last season during their time of troubles, which necessitated a trade to the Dallas Stars so he would cease contributing to an already toxic environment. Hopefully he'll be able to put on his big girl panties and play nice in St. Louis. He played 73 games last season, in which he scored 9 goals and 23 assists, but when happy (in 2009-2010) he was good for 19G and 23A.

Terms have not been released yet, but both contracts are one year deals.

EDIT: According to Lou Korac, both players are signed to a $2.8 million deal, and Arnott has a no trade clause in his deal.

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