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New Roster Additions Mean New Roster Numbers For The Blues

Hopefully no one bought a Kevin Shattenkirk #12 jersey last year. The new guys - Jamie Langenbrunner, Scott Nichol, Jason Arnott and Kent Huskins are necessitating a numerical shuffle among some of the younger roster guys. Age before beauty, of course.

According to Too Many Men On The Site, the new roster numbers boil down like this:

Arnott will wear number 44, Langenbrunner will wear 15, Nichol will be wearing 12, Huskins will have 6, and Shattenkirk will switch to Brad Boyes' old 22. Which honestly means one thing - a boon for the team gear store selling nameplates and for jersey customization shops around the metro area.

Heck, when the Blues have a roster that people are saying includes key off-season acquisitions, and could very well get them back into the playoffs as a contender, I don't think Shattenkirk changing his number's much of a concern.


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