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Blues Owner Dave Checketts Gives Deadline Of August 22nd For Final Ownership Bids

According to Andy Strickland of True, Blues owner Dave Checketts has taken some steps to expedite the sale process of the team. He's sent nine process letters to interested individuals or groups stating that they all have until August 22nd to submit formal offers.

According to Strickland:

The process letter lays out everything each group must submit along with their formal offer to buy the hockey club. For example each group will need to show their primary source of capital as well as the members involved in their group among other things. Game Plan LLC, Dave Checketts, and the NHL will review all of this before they reach an agreement with a new Owner.

It's pleasant to see rational, intelligent, and methodical steps being taken by both a team's owner and the NHL itself to ensure a successful sale of a long standing and successful NHL franchise with a large and dependable fan base. What is less surprising to see is that Matthew Hulsizer is losing interest. The Chicago businessman was involved with a lengthy attempt (some might say tease) to buy the Phoenix Coyotes. His purchase of the team fell through when public watchdog group The Goldwater Institute threatened a lawsuit over the use of public bond money to subsidize the purchase of the team.

A purchase agreement has already been written and is available for the interested parties to see. If any of them woud like to modify the agreement, they must do so and it - along with their completed proposal - is due in writing to Game Plan LLC by August 22nd.

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