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Traverse City Prospect Tournament Begins Today; Blues To Be Televised On NHL Network

For the first time since 2008, the Traverse City Prospect Tournament will be aired on the NHL Network, with simulcasts of MSG broadcast games being aired. Obviously, that means that games against the New York Rangers are fair game, and that's who the Blues play tonight. The game will be aired at 6:00 Central (7:00 Eastern).

For some in-depth analysis of the tournament, as well as up close and personal perspectives, please visit Spittin' Chiclets. Dave is one of the the PA announcers for the tournament, and will be posting analysis throughout.

I will post a recap of the game upon its conclusion for those of you who happened to miss it. Other games being aired are the Rangers versus Stars, Sunday at 6 and the Rangers versus the Carolina Hurricanes on Monday at 3:30.