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Blues Drop First Game Of Traverse City Tournament To Rangers Prospects 5-2

The Blues' prospects looked like a team jumbled together from different teams and leagues - which they are. However, that probably isn't something that's desirable when you're in a tournament. Choppy play where it was more than evident that the guys weren't used to playing with each other cost the Blues their first game. Very few rushes or offensive pressure was evident - nothing was able to get going because of the uncertainty of the kids with each other. The Blues were outshot 20-9 the first period, and 36-20 overall thanks to the lack of offensive pressure.

Another thing that kept the Blues from being able to have any forward momentum were the lopsided amount of penalties that they managed to take. Discipline was an issue, with the Rangers able to go on the power play 11 times on 12 non-fighting penalties. The Rangers were able to convert three times on the PP, with the PK unit doing a fairly solid job preventing the Rangers from getting chances once the game fell into a rhythm. Of course, they had more than enough chances to practice.

Philip McRae, Ty Rattie, and Jake Allen were the standouts, with Rattie assisting on McRae's first period goal. The Blues did score two in the first, with the second coming shorthanded with an assist from the stanchion. A clearing attempt riccocheted off of the stanchion, crossed the rink to Tyler Shattock, who was able to carry the puck into the Rangers' zone. A sharp pass through traffic to Anthony Nigro helped the Blues tie it, but the Rangers were able to pot three more goals to take control of the Blues' first game of the tournament.

The Blues next play tomorrow at 2:00 against the Carolina Hurricanes prospects.