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Blues Attract Ownership Group That Includes Brian Trottier

Consider this out of left field: according to reports, there's a new interested owner in town. Max Chambers, who is a Calgary businessman who once flirted with purchasing the Phoenix Coyotes, has an investment group put together to explore a purchase of the St. Louis Blues. Who's the frontman for the group? Former NHL star Brian Trottier. Trots played for 15 years for the New York Islanders, winning four Stanley Cups before being traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins to win two more before retiring in 1994. Trottier also inexplicably coached the Rangers for less than a season before being fired 54 games in for generally being the perfect example of talent on the ice not translating into talent behind the bench (see: Gretzky, Wayne).

Chambers apparently has financing in place that would help him get a sale done ASAP if necessary. The franchise's asking price - which includes the Peoria Rivermen and the lease terms for the Scottrade Center - is around $180 million.

This should concern Blues fans, however - who had an experience with the Lauries in what happens when people interested in one sport settle for hockey:

Little is known about Chambers, an oil man, other than his brief flirtation with the Phoenix Coyotes in 2009.

An article in the Toronto Globe & Mail listed Chambers among the groups "kicking the tires" with the Coyotes, who have since been taken over by the NHL.

In the article, Earl Scudder, a lawyer for former Coyotes owner Jerry Moyes, indicated that Chambers was "more interested in buying an NFL team."

Hopefully he's changed his mind since then and is 100% in it to buy a hockey team - or else Trottier's part of his group to make that facade more real.

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