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St. Louis Blues At Tampa Bay Lightning: The Rematch

Wow, that was quick. The Blues take down the Bolts 3-1 last night on the strength of some work by Evgeny Grachev and his line-mates David Backes and Jamie Langenbrunner. Tonight, they’re going to have to try to go 2-0 so far on the preseason with a whole new line-up. With four more games in four days, the Blues’ll be thankful training camp has so many people.

Tonight’s game won’t be held at the St. Pete Times Forum – it’ll be at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida (no word on if Amway’ll try to slap their logo on the teams’ jerseys). Central Florida’s a bit stuck when it comes to NHL hockey. You either have to drive to Tampa Bay or schlep all the way down to Sunrise, so the Bolts decided to bring hockey to the other land that the Mighty Ducks movie franchises help build.

According to the Lightning’s game preview, Tampa Bay has a 3-0-1 record in Orlando, and their pre-season record is an impressive 13-4-3. Let’s see if St. Louis can’t make that 13-5-3 tonight.