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Blues Reject $167 Million Offer According To Prospective Buyer

I suppose a better phrase’d be “former prospective buyer,” because after stating to the public – even secretly – that their offer’s been turned down, I doubt that Dave Checketts and Co. will feel like working with them anymore.

The Blues are apparently heck-bound to sell the Blues, Peoria Rivermen, and the lease agreement on the Scottrade Center for $190 million, according to the St. Louis Post Dispatch. With ten initial prospective buyers submitting bids, the denial of one twenty million dollars below the asking price doesn’t seem shocking. Max Chambers, the Calgary businessman who sent in the bid, was surprised that Checketts didn’t accept it.

In this economy, many low bidders are expecting an automatic acceptance of low bids because no one’ll bid any higher. Sure, that’s a possibility, but it also is a possibility that a slightly higher bid could come in. It’s difficult to pass judgement on a situation without being able to compare Chambers’ bid to the others submitted, but if others were higher, then it makes sense that Checketts’d decline this one.

The offer is still on the table for now from the group that boasts former NHLer Bryan Trottier as the front guy. Chambers is giving the offer ten more days before a resolution’s reached or else he is planning on withdrawing the bid.