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St. Louis Blues At Minnesota Wild: Blues Snatch Victory In Last Ten Minutes; Win 4-3

If this is what this season’s roster will be all about – sudden death comebacks to win – that’s an improvement from the past. Last season the Blues had a .190 winning percentage when trailing after one period, only winning four times after a bad first period. Last night began in much the same way, with the Blues down 2-1 after the first period – the lone goal coming from recent returnee Scott Nichol, who was finally cleared to play after surgery to heal a torn labrum.

The Blues found themselves down 3-2 at the end of the second, but Matt D’Agostini scored at 12:30 of the 3rd on the powerplay, and Carlo Colaiacovo added the game winner with a minute and nine seconds left to go in the game.

Unfortunately, the Blues will be missing Jason Arnott for the end of the pre-season. The new signee will be out for a week after cataract surgery on his right eye. The Blues, though, are back in action tomorrow night at 7:00 against the Avalanche at Scottrade Center.

There’s the potential for a huge conflict of interest for lots of Blues fans, as the National League tiebreaker game is scheduled for 7:00 at Busch Stadium. First pitch’ll be necessary if both the Cardinals and Atlanta Braves win or lose tonight.