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Blues At Canadiens First Period Score: Blues Size Dominating Habs, Still Scoreless

Well, you can’t say that neither team had some thrilling chances that first period, but the Habs’ seemed to come a lot closer together, and in slightly fewer number. The Blues are up 9-4 in shots, and nothing has made it past either Jaroslav Halak or Carey Price. It’s impressive that nothing has made it past Price yet considering the zone time and offensive pressure that the Blues — especially their fourth line -have hammered Montreal with.

The Canadiens have had to go on the penalty kill once, and the Blues gave them a taste of their recently red-hot powerplay. No goals were scored, but the four Canadiens had issues limiting chances for them.

If the Blues can keep that pressure up and if Halak can make the big saves, this game is either going to be a Blues win or one of those terrible, patented 1-0 shootout losses that the Blues seem to like so much.