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Canucks At Blues Final Score In OT: Canucks 3, Blues 2

The most that can be said for this game is that the Blues snagged a point and are still in second place in the Western Conference for right now. The least that could be said? If you’re in a do-or-die situation for a spot in the standings that your team hasn’t held since the end of the Clinton administration, don’t have lapses of thinking.

The third period finished with a pretty ill-timed penalty from captain David Backes. Shoving Alexandre Burrows from behind into the boards, regardless of if it’s an accident or not, is not a good idea and will get you a boarding call.

He saw Burrows’ numbers and went in for the shove – not even a check. He, like Chris Stewart before him, needs to be aware of his size and the location of the play.

Speaking of being aware of the location of the play, it is always good form not to leave the ice to get a stick while your team’s killing a 4-on-3. T.J. Oshie really needs to remember that, especially while both Henrik and Daniel are on the ice:

The Blues gain a point but stay in second place – that happened the second the third period ended. Detroit also gained a point, and the Blackhawks are currently leading the Minnesota Wild 4-2.

The Blues are next in action Saturday night against those same Minnesota Wild, a team that has consistently given them fits. Here’s hoping that trend breaks, and the Blues can play catch-up to the teams that they need to without having to play them.