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Sabres At Blues Score: Sabres End Halak's Shutout Streak, Lead 1-0

All that talk about a personal best shutout streak by Jaroslav Halak was probably not the best idea for a discussion topic. As any hockey fan knows, if you mention the word “shutout” in relation to your goaltender, bad things happen, and lo – said bad thing was a goal by Mike Weber past Halak to give the Sabres a 1-0 lead going into the first intermission:

Not a terrible goal to allow (not that there’s any good type) but it was written on the wall with the fact that the Blues’ defense wasn’t nearly as tight as it needed to be that period. Granted, Buffalo has looked fairly bad so far, but the Blues are matching them in their apparent lack-of-interest. The Sabres have lost four games in a row, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t approach this game with some level of seriousness. They had about three spectacular chances to bury it this period and whiffed. Things like that have a bad habit of coming back to haunt a team.