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Sabres At Blues Score: Blues Have Strong Second Period, Pull Ahead 2-1

Well, that was an improved period. Whatever Ken Hitchcock’s technique for getting the team in shape is, it works. Granted, it wasn’t as sharp as it could have been still — lots of turnovers and just general non-observant plays — but with two goals in the second period, I can’t see too much of a problem.

The first goal of the period — the equalizer — was scored by none other than B.J. Crombeen. Crombeen, who missed a pretty decent chunk of the season, scored his first of the year in pure sniper form, which is a form he’s certainly not used to:

The second of the period was a bit of a flukey bounce off of David Perron, but I’m fairly sure that Perron’s happy for his fourth goal of the season regardless of how it went in:

T.J. Oshie, who had the initial shot before the re-direct and David Backes had the assists on the goal. That was Backes’ team-leading 21st assist and added on to his also team-leading point total, boosting it to 35.