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Penguins At Blues: Pens Up 2-1 After Two

The Blues’re keeping up the intensity this period and cutting back on the iffy penalties. Unfortunately, it’s hard to keep up with Evgeny Malkin and James Neal when they have a mind for the goal. Just 3:26 into the second period, Neal fired this blast past Brian Elliott, who I don’t think even saw the puck:

That was Neal’s 27th goal of the year. He’s on pace to score well over 40 this season. His previous career high in goals? Twenty-seven.

The period turned a bit more sour for the Blues with Steve Sullivan popping in a shot from mid-air past Elliott. It looked like it deflected off of Carlo Colaiacovo, and Sullivan, formerly of the Nashville Predators, exhibited perfect hand-eye coordination:

Thankfully all was not lost for the Blues, with Patrik Berglund getting a beautiful opportunity on a turn-over and, in what the rest of the team seems incapable of doing tonight, buried the puck on a nice backhand/forehand move past Marc-Andre Fleury. It was just Berglund’s 11th goal of the season.

One more period left to get at least a point out of the Penguins. Converting on some wide-open chances would be a nice start.