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Oilers At Blues First Period Score: Blues Up 1-0 On Goal From Chris Stewart

As someone just tweeted on my timeline, “Who peed in the Oilers’ Cheerios?” This first period has been a lot chippier than one would expect from two teams who aren’t exactly rivals. Sure, the Blues are probably unhappy with their 4-2 loss in Edmonton waaaay back in October, but how much does that even matter now?

The Oilers’re probably still sore regarding their record in the past ten games, and Devan Dubnyk looks the most sore of all. David Perron was shoved a bit and fell into Dubnyk, causing this altercation here where Perron manages to get a roughing call:

Yes, you read that right: Perron got a roughing call. Dubnyk for his crosscheck (small as it was) on Perron got nothing, nor did Ryan Smyth grabbing David Backes to wrestle him to the ice.

However, Dubnyk managed to help the Blues out just a couple of minutes later. A botched clear to get the puck away from Perron while Dubnyk was well out of his crease ended up in the puck being passed right from Dubnyk to… Chris Stewart. Oops. Dubnyk hustled to get back to his crease, but it wasn’t fast enough as Stewart got the puck to Jamie Langenbrunner, who passed the puck back to Stewart for a wide open net:

Cap the period off with some roughhousing between the two teams on Dubnyk’s doorstep, and I say that we’re going to have a heck of a second period on our hands.