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Matthew Hulsizer's Agreement To Purchase Blues Terminated By NHL

Apologies for the double up - this was supposed to go into this stream a few days ago and never did.

Memo to Matthew Hulsizer and Dave Checketts: when your bosses give you a deadline, pay attention to it. When you don't, as in the fact that Hulsizer and Checketts couldn't reach an actual agreement for purchase of the Blues, such tentative agreements get terminated. Not by Ahnold, of course, but by someone more terrifying: Gary Bettman.

As per Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the NHL, since the purchase agreement signed way back in October between Hulsizer and Checketts was not wrapped up in a way that was suitable to the league, was canceled. The financing of the thing was the rub. Hulsizer tried to restructure the loans and financing, but the league didn't like what they saw.

Not sure if Hulsizer's bid is still on the table or not, but the NHL probably won't be giving him much more time or much more of their patience. Enough of that was given to him last season when he was trying to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, and then never did.