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Avalanche At Blues First Period Score: Blues Dominate First 20 Minutes, Up 2-0

The Colorado Avalanche either used up all of their oomph on the Chicago Blackhawks Friday night, or else they’re working to a slow build. Hopefully it’s option A, because the Blues’ve ridden roughshod over the Avs so far in this game. It didn’t get too long to get started, either, as the Blues spent the first thirteen or so minutes in the Avalanche’s zone before Alex Pietrangelo got whistled for roughing and the Blues went on the penalty kill.

The first goal of the game initially looked like it was scored by T.J. Oshie, who took a pretty solid pass from Matt D’Agostini, but this shot deflects in off of Patrik Berglund’s thigh for his tenth of the season. Steener, your team lead in goals is safe:

The next goal looked to be a power play goal, but the shot from Kevin Shattenkirk went in right as T.J. Galliardi’s penalty ended. Nonetheless, it’s not surprising that Colorado goaltender J.S. Giguere didn’t see it. This shot went through a screen about 20 people deep. How it found the back of the net is beyond me:

The Blues’re up 10-2 on shots. I suck at math, but even I can figure out that they’re on pace for a 30-6 shot total here. Colorado needs to change that if they want to get on the board (they don’t have to, though). The Blues? They don’t need to change a thing.