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Sharks At Blues Second Period Score: More Power Play Time Gives Blues 2-0 Lead

The Blues’ power play has tended to be a pretty impotent unit, but recently David Perron has taken it upon himself to remedy that. Saturday night he had two power play goals against the Colorado Avalanche, and in the second period he netted another. The San Jose Sharks gave the Blues yet another 5-on-3 situation, this time for two whole minutes with matching minors from Brad Winchester and Ryan Clowe. Lots of perimeter passing and an outstanding keep at the line by T.J. Oshie allowed David Perron to bank the puck into the net off of Antti Niemi’s butt:

The Blues and the Sharks both had ten shots on goal, which goes to show how much passing was done on that power play, but it’s not the shots that win you games, it’s the goals — and so far St. Louis is two goals closer to gaining ground on Detroit.