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Blues At Blue Jackets Final Score: Sloppy Play Leads To 2-1 Blue Jackets Win

Coming into a game assuming that you’re going to win is never a good thing for a team to do. Knowing the odds are in your favor? Knowing the other team isn’t very good? That’s fine. Playing down to or below their level is not a good plan, and that’s exactly what the Blues have done all night. Own-zone turnovers plagued the team, as did not being able to clear the front of Jaroslav Halak’s crease.

Derrek Dorsett was a thorn in the Blues’ side all game long — most specifically, in Andy McDonald’s side. Of course, he would score the game winning goal by knocking in a loose puck after a great Halak save on a Sammy Pahlsson shot.

The rest of the period was a scramble to score the next goal, but the Blues couldn’t take advantage of the fact that they dominated in the face-off circle. A last second goal that apparently went in with under two seconds left was ruled pushed in by David Perron’s hand (and it was fairly clearly pushed in), and subsequently disallowed. The Blues let an easy two points slip away tonight in a playoff race where they needed them to happen. Not nearly as physical as the Blue Jackets, and seemingly much more winded, the Blues failed to capitalize on the Jackets’ ability to allow numerous third period goals.

The team also couldn’t take advantage of the excellent performance in net by Jaroslav Halak, who allowed only two goals in a game that, had the offense stepped up and the defense made more intelligent plays, could have easily gone St. Louis’ way.