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2012 NHL Trade Deadline Blues Rumors: Pavel Kubina Puts Blues On NTC List

According to Vincent Blase of, Tampa Bay Lightning defenseman and current trade pawn Pavel Kubina would be willing to waive his no trade clause to be sent to St. Louis. Kubina’s a defensive defenseman who averages nearly 20 minutes a night, and with the Lightning so far outside of the playoff picture Kubina’s also one of their top chances for rebuild picks.

Bringing Kubina to St. Louis seems to jibe with Elliotte Friedman’s statement that the Blues will be looking to add to defensive depth at the deadline, but the question here is why? The defense is one of the top in the league currently, and if worse comes to worse, the Blues have Ian Cole in the minors to call up.

I can’t see the Blues dealing away youth and/or picks for an elder statesman that would be a good addition to a borderline playoff team. The Blues selling off assets would be to improve something that doesn’t need to be fixed.