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Wild At Blues: Blues Hit The Magic Three Goal Mark, Lead 3-0 After Two

There’s something to be said for the Blues: tenacity is their middle name, especially when it comes to players who usually don’t score but who contribute elsewhere on the ice. A great example of one of those players is defenseman Barret Jackman. Always willing to take one for the team or agitate other teams into penalties, Jackman hasn’t netted a goal for quite some time — since the 2009/2010 season, actually.

Apparently the Blues’ goal today is for goal scoring droughts to end, and Jackman’s does with some tenacious work and an unexpected blast past Josh Harding to put the Blues up 2-0:

Roman Polak, you’re next.

Actually, no, the next goal didn’t come from Polak but from Andy McDonald. He scored on a re-direct of an Alex Pietrangelo blast from the point on the power play to give the Blues a commanding 3-0 lead:

The Blues’ power play seems to be humming along as of late. The Blues are now 25th in the league and should surpass the Wild for 24th. Yeah, I know, that’s not much to write home about, but the Blues take what they can get when it comes to the PP. They have a large hole to dig themselves out of.