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Hockey Day In America, Blues At Blackhawks First Period Score: Blues Lead 1-0

Both the Blues and the Blackhawks played yesterday afternoon. This should be the usual part of a back to back, albeit a few hours earlier, but it only looks like one team got rested last night. The Blackhawks obviously put forth a lot of effort in their 6-1 win over the Columbus Blue Jackets, because they’re putting forth minimal effort today here in Chicago.

Brian Elliott hasn’t had to work much so far. The Blackhawks only have four shots on net in 20 minutes of play, and that is with the two power plays that they had. That brings the Blues’ total for shots allowed the past four periods up to a whopping 17. Brian Elliott might as well set up a lawn chair and grab a beer if the defense is going to make him work this tough.

Kudos to Andy McDonald for his third goal in three games. McDonald personified right place, right time with this tally. Berglund’s shot trickled through Corey Crawford, who wasn’t exactly aware where the puck was. Langenbrunner tried an ill-advised kick — always a surefire way to have a goal disallowed — but McDonald was there to tap the puck in. Upon further review, the goal was deemed a good one, and the Blues’re taking a 1-0 lead into the second period.