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Hockey Day In America, Blues At Blackhawks Second Period Score: Blues Still Up 1-0

You have to give the Blackhawks credit. They played a terrible and flat first period, and Coach Joel Quenneville did not seem happy with their play — at least judging by the shade of purple that he was. This period the Hawks seemed to be applying a little bit more effort, but Blues’ goaltender Brian Elliot has done a good job of keeping the door shut despite increased pressure.

The Blackhawks outshot the Blues nine to seven in a period that had them on the power play just once. The Blues, however, had no such luck with getting the whistle to go in their favor. St. Louis still has a sizable lead in shots of 22-13, but might want to limit the Blackhawks chances in the third period. Too many of their shots came a little too close for comfort.