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Blues Put Jamie Langenbrunner On Injured Reserve; Does This Create A Need For A Trade Acquisition?

Blues alternate captain Jamie Langenbrunner's been put on long-term injured reserve for a broken foot that he sustained in Saturday's 3-1 loss to the Chicago Blackhawks.This is a major issue, because it's yet another top forward down with injury at a time in the season where the final push is getting underway. Langenbrunner has four goals and 14 assists, and while that might not seem like a huge amount of firepower gone, the Blues need all of the offense that they can get.

Right now, the Blues are short Langenbrunner, Matt D'Agostini (9-9-18; concussion), and Alex Steen (13-11-24; concussion). No one seems to have any idea when D'Agostini and Steen are coming back, such is the nature of concussions. There's a very real chance that the three forwards won't be ready to return until the start of the playoffs or shortly afterward. For a team that's looking like it'll be skipping the links for the first time in April since 2009, having an intact fowards corps that is used to playing together is necessary for playoff success. Is the absence of three of the Blues' most important forwards cause enough to get general manager Doug Armstrong to make a move?

Probably not. The Blues have been operating down at least two forwards almost all season, and if one extra one has been out temporarily, Chris Porter has been a pretty capable plug-in. Langenbrunner, while contributing offensively, is easily temporarily replaced by Porter, who has four goals and two assists so far on the season.

Sorry to those of you who were looking for your opening for trade suggestions and scenarios. It seems that for right now the Blues have you covered.