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Bruins At Blues Second Period Score: From Tons Of Goals To None; Bruins Lead 3-2

Well, that was surprisingly uneventful. I was expecting shades of last night’s Flyers/Jets game, where the see-saw didn’t stop until Jaromir Jagr scored the winning overtime goal. The first period was a see-saw-a-thon, but this period? Both teams apparently felt the need to start playing defense.

The Blues’ level of intensity seemed to be much, much higher this period — a response, no doubt, to some of coach Ken Hitchcock’s concerns from an intermission talking to. The hits were ratcheted up, the actual defense was ratcheted up, everything seemed like exactly what the Blues needed to do to take control of this game. The Blues had ten more shots than the Bruins that period, 14-4, and lead in the shot total by 14 (24-10). Is this another game where the Blues are on rapid fire and can’t get that goal that they need? Hopefully not.