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2012 NHL Trade Deadline Blues Rumors: Calm Down. Kris Russell Concussion Doesn't Mean A Deadline Deal

Injuries and the Blues go together like peas and carrots, Maalox and Taco Bell, or Albert Pujols and money. It should come as a minimal surprise that the Blues wound up another man down after Thursday nght’s win over the Nashville Predators. Kris Russell suffered a mighty hit at the hands of Colin Wilson that seemed to rattle him (video via @spectr17, my usual video man)"

NBC Pro Hockey Talk’s Mike Halford wonders what Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong will do now, or if this will have any impact on the team’s moves at the trade deadline. Without time before Monday to fully evaluate the injury (Russell stayed at home while the Blues jetted off to Winnipeg), it’d be unwise for Armstrong to make a rash move. Also, the Blues called up Ian Cole again, and Cole is more than NHL ready.

This unfortunate injury is just that — unfortunate. Add Russell to the Blues’ list of walking wounded if you will, but just because they have a defenseman hurt doesn’t mean that they need to add one by Monday afternoon.