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Blues At Jets Second Period Score: Blues Let Jets Back In, Tied 2-2

Memo to the Blues: shots on goal are swell. Allowing shots on goal is not. The Blues are currently being outshot 34-10, and are playing like they’re sleepwalking. Sure, it’s loud in the MTS Centre. That’s no excuse to not be able to shoot the puck.

On the positive side, the Blues killed off two penalty kills against the best home powerplay in the league. Also, they have two goals on 10 shots against Chris Mason. Its taken the Jets 34 shots to get as many on Jaroslav Halak, and the only Jet who has has been scoring is leading scorer Blake Wheeler.

Goal one of Wheeler’s:

And goal two:

More awareness and less sluggishness would do well for the Blues in the third period. It’s unfair to expect Halak to win the whole game by himself.