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Jets At Blues Final Score: Blues Steal Two Points, Win 3-2 In Shootout

If there were ever a game that the Blues didn’t deserve to win, it was this one. Blowing a two goal lead, allowing an absurd 42 shots on goal, and having defense that looked like a tired piece of Swiss — all of this should have equaled two points for the Winnipeg Jets. Somehow, though, the Blues found a way to walk away with those two points, winning in a shootout behind Jaroslav Halak for the second game in a row.

T.J. Oshie was probably the member of the Blues forward corps that played the hardest all night, but he had the game on his stick twice (once at the end of the third period, once in the shootout) and made just one too many moves. That was the story of the game — Mason was beaten in regulation & OT more than the two times on the scoreboard, but for whatever reason, the hockey gods decided to emphasize that the Blues needed to work harder. This game would not be won on a paltry 16 shots on goal.

The Blues scoring in the shootout were Andy McDonald and David Perron, who scored a beautiful high goal on Mason. The Jets were more than deserving of any points they got this afternoon, with an absurd 42 SOG. The Blues, however, will take what points they wander away with. They’re now at 83 for the season (the Jets are at 68) and are still sitting at 4th place in the Western Conference.

The Blues will next play the Calgary Flames Monday night, as Al MacInnis is honored by the team that he won the Stanley Cup with. Also, Monday’s the trade deadline, so it remains to be seen if the team that fans watched this afternoon is the same team that we see on Monday evening.