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2012 NHL Trade Deadline: Blues Trade Ben Bishop To Ottawa Senators For Draft Pick

As mentioned yesterday, the Ottawa Senators were kicking the tires on the Blues current AHL goaltender Ben Bishop. Sunday, a trade came to fruition. The Sens are sending a draft pick (round not mentioned yet) back to the Blues for Bishop. Starting goaltender Craig Anderson is injured, and back-up goaltender Alex Auld is not what the Sens need if they're working on heading to the playoffs.

Binghamton Senators starter Robin Lehner is up backing up Auld, and the former Calder Cup MVP looks to be the one left out in the rain by the Sens' acquisition of Bishop. Bishop isn't going to be playing at the AHL level; he has to play 30 minutes in 17 games to be a RFA at the end of this season, and the Senators wouldn't want someone who was planning on going UFA at the end of this season. Lehner should be sent back to the Baby Sens, while Bishop gets to see some serious time with the big club until Anderson gets back.

Auld is also a potential question. Does he get traded off to another club? Does he get waived and sent down to the Baby Sens upon the return of Anderson? The Senators are now carrying three goaltenders, one of whom is currently injured.

Chances are that the draft pick sent to the Blues could be as high as a second rounder. The Sens wouldn't ship off that high of a pick if they weren't planning to be able to use Bishop in an NHL position.