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Kings At Blues Second Period Score: Blues Up 1-0 After Jamie Langenbrunner Goal

There’s something to be said for pressing forward and making things happen. That hasn’t exactly been Matt D’Agostini’s strength this year, but tonight he utilized his good strength and ability to stay upright on skates to make the Blues’ only goal so far tonight happen. A hip check from Drew Doughty isn’t enough to stop D’Agostini, who seemed basically unfazed by the poorly timed check that all but missed him. D’Ags continued heading to the net, where Jamie Langenbrunner was positioned perfectly to get a slap shot past Quick:

The rest of the period was a physical affair, with just one minor penalty each: Jarret Stoll for slashing and Roman Polak for tripping. I would be remiss to not mention the goaltending on each side. Jaroslav Halak has made several lead-saving saves that the Blues need to pay him back for in the way of goals. Jonathan Quick also is showing why he was an All-Star this past weekend, stopping 24 of 25 shots on goal. The Kings have just 13 SOG. That’s certainly not a way to win a game… they need to keep that up.