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Blues At Predators Second Period Score: Blues Keep Preds Off Scoreboard

There’s some good news and some bad news about the second period. The good news is that the Nashville Predators did not score once in that period. The bad news is twofold — neither did the Blues, and they wound up getting outshot 17-7 in that period. Poor faceoff attempts and an inability to clear the puck did the Blues no favors at all, though a slightly (slightly) increased physicality helped a bit.

Speaking of physicality, the highlight of the period was this fight between Brian McGratton and Ryan Reaves:

You have to admit, McGratton’s fists seemed to be set on hyperdrive there. Cut over the eye notwithstanding, he handled the smaller Reaves very well.

How to get three goals in the third period? Shoot the darn puck, win a faceoff or two, and hope and pray Pekka Rinne suddenly forgets how to tend goal. The Blues might have to save some face in Ottawa on Tuesday night after this one.