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Blues Vs. Blue Jackets First Period Score: Fairly Quiet First Period Keeps Score 0-0

The most notable thing that happened during the first period of play was that Chris Stewart and B.J. Crombeen both took penalties. Why is that notable? Because both were killed effectively, leading to consecutive successful PK numbers 40 and 41. The Jackets had a few good looks, but you have to have a great look to get past Jaroslav Halak.

Also notable during the first was the return of Jamie Langenbrunner. Langenbrunner, who hasn’t played since February 19th thanks to a broken foot, took over for Ryan Reaves on the fourth line to limit the amount of time to spend on his foot. The Blue Jackets dressed Jarret Boll, presumably to deal with Reaves if necessary, but since his potential sparring partner isn’t on the ice it puts Columbus at more of a detriment than usual.

The Blues owned the shot totals with a ten to seven lead, and very nearly scored first on an open net if it weren’t for Derek Brassard and some quick stickwork to deflect an Alex Pietrangelo shot.