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Blues Vs. Blackhawks Second Period Score: Ray Emery Out, Blackhawks Inch Back 3-2

Of course, as a Blues/Blackhawks game progresses, it gets a little bit rougher around the edges. The focus goes from scoring to making life miserable for the opposition, and both teams are doing a great job working towards that goal tonight.

The shots on net this period got a bit closer, with the Hawks outshooting the Blues 11-8. The Blackhawks were the only team to score a goal, though. They replaced Ray Emery with Corey Crawford, and so far Crawford’s looked good although the amount of traffic has been low in front of him.

Viktor Stalberg scored his 17th of the year. The goal is a textbook example as to why it helps to clear the puck all the way out of your own zone:

The Blues’ penalty kill streak now stands at 50. While it would be nice to see them set the NHL record (they can tie in three), it would be exceptional if they could hit that milestone in a different game.