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Blues Vs. Lightning Final Score: 3-1 Win Gets Blues 100 Points First In NHL

This is something that I’m fairly sure that no one in the Blues fanbase — or in the NHL fanbase — envisioned this season. The Blues getting into the playoffs? Sure. The Blues being the first team in the NHL to crack the 100 point barrier? No way.

The Blues played a strong game all evening, albiet it wasn’t necessarily one that could have beaten the Hurricanes on Thursday. Cam Ward was on his game and focused. Dwayne Roloson tonight? Twenty-three shots on goal and three goals past Roloson. Halak? Just one goal allowed on 23 shots.

That sole goal was Brendan Mikkelson’s first in his NHL career, which explains the excitement:

As it stands, though, that victory could very well be a clincher for the Blues as far as getting into the playoffs goes. Mathematically there’s no way that they miss now. How many more points will they add on?