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Blues Vs. Kings Score Update: St. Louis, L.A. Looking At Scoreless Tie Through Two Periods

Through two periods of play on Thursday night, we're still looking at a scoreless tie between the St. Louis Blues and the Los Angeles Kings at the Staples Center. Fans were presumably expecting a defensive-oriented game between two of the league's premier defensive teams, and they surely haven't been disappointed so far.

The Blues totally dominated the shots on goal count in the first period, but the Kings came back in the second period with the bit more aggression on the offensive end. After mustering just three shots on goal in the first period, Los Angeles got 17 shots on goal during the second period. None of the shots got past Blues goaltender Brian Elliott, though.

For now, it's looking more and more like the team that scores first will ultimately win this game. Just 20 minutes remaining before regulation ends and we still haven't seen a goal get scored on either of these fantastic defenses, so there's a good chance that this one goes down until the final bell.

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