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Blackhawks Vs. Blues: Blues Win Decisive Game 5-1

There is absolutely no better feeling for a Blues fan than to have your team beat the Chicago Blackhawks, but when they do it they way that they did tonight, well, it’s hard to not go to bed with a smile on your face. It was a very solidly played game by the Blues, who killed off all five penalties and went one for two on the power-play… and even managed a short handed goal from Vladimir Sobotka that was a lot prettier than you’d expect from the firecracker:

The third period started to open up a bit more for the Blackhawks initially, with Dave Bolland’s wonky tap-in goal that Jaroslav Halak really couldn’t stop. Overall, though, the third period was Chicago’s quietest shot-wise. They managed just five shots on goal even with a power play worked in. That was how tight the Blues’ defense played it.

Chicago’s D? Not so much. Andy McDonald wristed his second of the game and 8th of the season through Emery’s five hole to stymie any hopes the Hawks might’ve had of a last minute push:

That beeline of an assist by Pietrangelo was his second of the night. He and Kevin Shattenkirk assisted on both of McDonald’s goals.

Just to add a little salt to the wound, Jason Arnott blasted one past Emery with fifteen seconds to go. It was a little unexpected, but what about the Blues’ season so far has been?

Speaking of unexpected happenings, with the Red Wings’ defeat at the hands of the Philadelphia Flyers on Tuesday, the Blues (as of this writing) are first in the Western Conference and back to being tied for first in the NHL. I won’t get ahead of myself and start thinking “Presidents Trophy,” but it’s surreal that it’s a distinct possibility.

Thank you as always to @spectr17 for the videos — if you get a moment, follow his YouTube channel for some awesome highlights.