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Ducks Vs. Blues First Period Score: Scoreless First, Blues 0 For 2 On Power Play

You can tell watching that period how much that the Ducks really want to get into the playoffs. They pressed that whole period, but managed just five shots on net. It wasn’t necessarily due to lack of effort, either — it was due to the Blues’ presence of mind to intercept passes and to make life difficult for Anaheim in their own zone. David Backes and T.J. Oshie especially worked very hard to muscle the puck away from the Anaheim forwards to create rushes and scoring chances for the Blues.

The Blues had several good looks on net — and two power plays to add to that — but managed just nine shots on goal. Obviously, none went in, but if the pucks would have been easier for them to corral, Andy McDonald and T.J. Oshie would both be on the board right now.