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2012 NHL Playoffs, Blues Vs. Sharks: Helpful Guides To The Scottrade Center

A couple of Yahoo!'s fan contributors, William Browning and Brad Boeker, have written handy guides to those attending the Blues' playoff game tonight. Whether you've never been to the Scottrade Center or are an old hat at it, playoff hockey's a different beast.

In his article, Browning will give you hints on the best parking, taking the Metrolink, how early to get there (hint: pretty damn early if you can), where to get your tickets at (if you can even get them anymore) and where to munch before the game. Boeker does much of the same thing, but he also mentions the handy tip that nosebleeds are available on some on-line sites for $125.

My advice to you would be to take the day off work (too late, I know) and head down. The Blues're having a playoffs Block Party at 14th and Washington beginning at 3, and then a rally at the Scottrade Center at 4. Everyone have fun, be safe, and drink a tasty adult beverage for those of us who are out of town and sad about it.

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